How Relocation Therapy Can Help You Recover

More and more people are relocating to New York City. What is causing these people to move? It is a new concept called relocation therapy. People are moving to New York City to satiate a […]

Is Coaching Better Than Therapy?

There are a lot of comparisons made between therapy and coaching. If you Google therapy vs coaching you will find many pro/con arguments in support of one or the other, as if there is a […]

Is La Jolla Coaching for you?

Think life is a day at the beach? You’re in luck! La Jolla Coaching is all about encouraging people to believe in an ideal. We love cliches because, good or bad, there is truth in […]

365 Days

In honor of the tenth anniversary of September 11, @lajollacoaching is launching a twitter campaign to give followers 365 days of life enhancing ideas.  Not every idea will fit all, some will be very serious […]